Do you know HiServices?

Today we live in a market where new technologies and e-commerce have a high growth rate. Transport systems evolve alongside with society, habits, and the planning of transport and logistics becomes increasingly necessary for companies and individuals.

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HiServices is a company specialized in transportation and technology, which main services are:

National and international transport
Courier – Shipping
Premium Deliveries 2hrs

For years, we have been developing a certain know- how that we can currently share with our franchisees for the development of local business models based on the structure of HiServices.

Coverage of the franchisee

In our expansion project we focus on the attention to our franchisees, providing facilities from the start and during the development of the activity, working as a team:

• Advice and support during the contract period
• Formation of the franchisee and of the employees
• Support in the selection of the team of employees
• Design and customization of marketing materials
• Help in attracting first customers through digital communication
• Continuous improvement of the business model

In addition, the project of interior design, furniture, lighting and decoration will be provided by HiServices, in order to maintain a unique brand image that benefits to all establishments.

Communication and Marketing

Pondremos al alcance del franquiciado una Manual de Comunicación Digital en el que están reflejados los usos posibles de la marca, así como una guía de cómo usar algunas herramientas como la plataforma web o las redes sociales.

Desde el inicio la nueva franquicia dispondrá de un espacio en la web corporativa, publicaciones específicas de la franquicia local en redes sociales, realización de una campaña de lanzamiento y gestión de campañas SEO/SEM para mejorar la visibilidad de cada establecimiento.

Customer satisfaction

One of our main channels of growth will be the customers themselves. The feeling of satisfaction and a good service will allow a customer loyalty and recommendations to the use of HiServices to their relatives.

Proper customer service and quality service is one of the most important aspects we work on in HiServices, and it will be one of the starting points of the working methodology that we will share with the franchisee and his team.

‘’Customer satisfaction is the key to our business’’

Frequently Asked Questions (FQA’s)

Do I need previous experience in the sector to open the franchise?

It’s not necessary. Since HiServices offers a complete and intuitive training program with which the franchisee will not have doubts about the business model development.

Who has to search the store location?

Initially the search of the store location is managed by the franchisee, focusing on the territory which he considers to be of interest for the store location. Subsequently, and with our experience, the final decision will be set together, ensuring that the location is optimal for the development of the activity.

When the entry fee has to be paid?

At the time it comes to signing the contract. From this date we begin to work with the new franchise for its development.

¿Does HiServices help me with the implementation of the establishment?

Of course. From the beginning we implement our methodology, we form the franchisee and his team and we begin the development of the activity. We will always dissipate the small doubts that can arise during the process.

How long does the franchise contract last?

The first contract has a duration of two years (24 months). After that, the renewal will be done on a yearly basis (12 months).

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