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Logistics, Transport and Packaging

Hiservices is a company dedicated to national and international transport, courier, shipments, removals, storage and packaging.


Storage and Packaging

Storage solutions for all types of clients, we have a wide variety of boxes and strapping equipment ensuring that your merchandise remains in optimal condition at all time.
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National and International Transport

Transport of your merchandise by land, sea or air, either nationally and internationally.
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Courier, Shipments and Removals

Integral service of logistics and transport in Courier, shipments and removals, offering a service tailored to the customer’s needs.
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Premium Deliveries 2 hours

Premium deliveries 2 hours are deliveries that the customer receives at home in less than 2 hours after having requested the service.
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Night and Weekend deliveries

This type of delivery is still little exploited in Spain but in other countries with greater tradition and volume of ecommerce purchases are already being implemented.
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Preferred shipping 10 hrs or “same day”

This service is ideal for the e-commerce buyer who wants to receive his shipment quickly on the same day he makes his purchase, or for any other company or user that requires it.
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