Preferred shipping 10 hrs or “same day”

This service is ideal for the e-commerce buyer who wants to receive his shipment quickly on the same day he makes his purchase, or for any other company or user that requires it.

Preferred shipments: We can offer you a delivery the next day in the morning, before 10:00 hours.

This makes you different from your competition, since almost everyone offers their customers “normal” or 24 hour delivery, and the difference in cost is not as big as you imagine.

Same Day deliveries: We offer you a very fast alternative, we offer the distribution service on the same day, since we are able to position a shipment picked up in the morning at the recipient’s home in the afternoon.

Do not know this service? It is ideal for laboratories, dental clinics. Prosthesis, or any other person or company that needs a fast and trustworthy service.